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By K.L. Brady

The Nick Before Christmas

Dreams can come true! Get ready for a heart-warming journey with The Nick Before Christmas. Follow the story of Nickie whose guardian angel gives her a 50th birthday ultimatum–level up your life by Christmas Day or live your worst day on Groundhog Day repeat. With this funny, inspiring story of hope, love, and courage, this inspires the courage to achieve goals and fall in love. Grab a copy of The Nick Before Christmas starting October 2023 and start living your best life!

THE NICK BEFORE CHRISTMAS is a second-chance romance with a twist that will inspire you to live your best life and achieve your goals. This page-turning story is filled with the joys of family the promise of Christmas–and a little dash of Christmas magic. 


By K.L. Brady

Sincerely, Santa

Are you looking for a heart-warming holiday tale that celebrates the spirit  of giving? Then Sincerely, Santa is the perfect book for you.

A postal worker and military veteran, Julia Reed, uses her handy skills to secretly deliver Christmas wishes to needy families every year in Operation Santa. By focusing on others, she avoids celebrating the season for herself. When a boy writes a letter asking Santa to help his dad (who refuses assistnace) repair their dilapidated house, Julia accepts the challenge. But keeping her secret becomes a problematic when small-town life forces them together.

“K.L. Brady is the Christmas story princess. I enjoyed another Holiday Romance by [her].” – Apple iBook Reader 


Best Selling Author

K.L. Brady

Brady is the award-winning author of The Bum Magnet and Got a Right to Be Wrong. She works for a large government contracting firm and lives in the Washington D.C. area with her son. She loves reading, writing, and chocolate and is hard at work on her two teen series, Soul of the Band and The Jane Series, a new hilarious romantic comedy, and a spy novel series.

Published Books

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Other K.L. Brady Books

Seven Minutes of Christmas Magic

Romantic Comedy

Can the Distance Between Enemies and Lovers be Erased with a closet, seven minutes, and a little Christmas magic?

“One of my favorite authors…With this book Karla just nabbed that title. Snappy fun dialogue. Fast-moving plot. LOL moments and an opportunity to relive the joys of [Christ]mas. Very well done!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Love is in the Cards 


All Is Fair in the Business of Romance and Greeting Cards—Except Love.


“I could seriously read this in a TRILOGY!!! I want more of Cody and Tessa, please!!! This story was so good.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

The 12 Daves of Christmas

Romantic Comedy

 Sometimes the life you never imagined is the one you’re destined to live.

I don’t know how KL Brady manages to write romance that is equal parts emotional tug and belly laugh. The plot twists keep coming…always with humor…until girl gets her guy and readers get the happily ever after. Fast-paced, this is such a fun holiday read.” ~ Amazon Reviewer 

Five Golden Rings

Romantic Comedy

Girl trips over Boy…and Boy falls for Girl. 

The way their first date ended was unexpected and kept me glued to the story at 2:00am to see how it would work itself out. The ending left a smile on my face and love in my heart.” — Amazon Revier 

The Eligible Receiver (Book 3)


He’s the last bachelor in the Playmaker Series, but maybe not for long… 

“I read two books by K.L. this weekend and I want more. I love, love, love her writing style. Romance is K.L.’s bread and butter and she is definitely better than most that write in this genre.” ~  Tiffany Reads, Book Reviewer


The Player’s Option


In love, you’ve got to play to win…but one bad choice may cost you the game.

“You made us stay on pins and needles through the entire book. KUDOS to you l K. L. Brady, can’t wait until the next book in the series.” — Amazon Reviewer

Her Perfect Catch

Romantic Comedy

A CATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: Sometimes love is in your grasp, and all you need to do is hold on.

Her Perfect Match is a love story told perfectly well by K.L Brady. It’s a delightful read you never want to happen, but you’re curious to know who gets the girl…does not disappoint with her hilarity, her sensual moments, and tension. Her Perfect Catch is a perfect read.” – Amazon Reviewer 

Got A Right to be Wrong

Charisse Tyson is about to say “I do” …But could the smart, sassy bride-to-be have good reason for second thoughts?

“Brady draws readers in immediately from the prologue and propels them straight through the drama, humor and the various twists and turns that will leave you exhausted but satisfied at the end of the novel. Charisse is not your typical heroine and that may be the strongest part of the story.” 4 Star Review – Romantic Times

The Bum Magnet

Charisse Tyson’s got it all going on…but with a special knack for picking players, she’s ready for a change. 

“Ladies, ladies, ladies…don’t walk, RUN to get your copy of this book! The Bum Magnet…happily blends surprise, humor, and wit into 294 pages of wonderful . . . This book is FABULOUS.” —Uptown Girl’s Harlem Book Club

12 Honeymoons

Romantic Comedy

12 Honeymoons had me laughing from the first page. Miki is a hoot, with a smart, sarcastic sense of humor…” — San Francisco Review of Books

Sincerely, Santa

Coming in 2023

A woman’s hopeful 50th birthday (Christmas in July) turns fateful when faced with a lost promotion and a near-death experience. Her guardian angel warns she must achieve her second act before Christmas or live a life full of days never better than her worst. With the clock ticking, her quest leads her to the one that got away…and Pepper, a spunky cat. Will she make it in time?

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Young Adult

Soul of the Band

Reviewer’s Choice (August 2012), Midwest Book Review Children’s Bookwatch – “Soul of the Band a strongly recommended pick for young readers, highly recommended.”

Worst Impressions: A Teen Romantic Comedy

Pride & Prejudice with an Urban Teen Twist… A teen romance for stand-outs who don’t fit in? 

Soul of the Band II

The final book in the Soul of the Band series. Coming in 2022.

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(Book 1)

May-December Romance


(Follow up to Acquired)

May-December Romance

007th Day of Christmas

Holiday Romantic Comedy & Mystery

Can the magic of the holidays deliver love the second time around? 
“That was so much fun. I loved watching the spy games and kind of wish I could have been participating too.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer 

Spy Novels

“Good Read…Well written, plot flows along with interest. Sure not boring. Rates up there along side with Jack Reacher.” – Review from Howie (Kobo) 

The Shadow Syndicate

J.J. McCall (Book 3)

Situation Critical

J.J. McCall (Book 2)

The Bigot List

J.J. McCall (Book 1)

Joint Deception

J.J. McCall (Book 4) 

Work Still in Progress. Outline and some chapters are complete 

Hostile Allegiance

J.J. McCall (Book 5)

Work Still In Progress. Outline is Complete.

The Walk-In

A Charlie Mack Novel

Revision In Progress. To Be Re-Released Soon. 

Box Sets

The SpyCatcher Series

J.J. McCall Books 1 – 3.

The Playmakers

They Playmaker Series (Books 1-3).

          The Side Gigs

  Diverse Romance     


For the latest releases from the most Diverse Authors in the romance industry, check out Diverse Romance!

TV Christmas Movie  Podcast – Season 3

Chicks on Christmas Flicks!

I’m still working to help you navigate the sea of TV Christmas movie fun! Join us for new episodes every Monday! 

Upcoming Books…

October 2022

What Would Santa Do?

Ben is a stubborn single father and bestselling author with an overdue book and not an ounce of a handyman in him. He moves to Belle’s Air, Ohio, after inheriting a money pit from his grandmother. With the neighborhood Christmas festival underway, as the house falls apart around them, and his son, Justin, writes Santa for help to light up their darkened home…in more ways than one.

Julia, a good samaritan postal worker and military veteran with handy skills, is a tireless participant in the Post Office’s annual Operation Santa. Every year, she fulfills Christmas wishes for kids who write to the Northpole. After reading Justin’s letter, she’s determined to help the dad, who refuses to accept any assistance.

As Julia concocts a plan to help Ben secretly and make Justin’s Christmas wishes come true, she begins to find more at their home than she ever expected.

If only Ben knew Julia was his Santa.







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