The nick before Christmas 

Fall in Love and Live Your Dreams with The Nick Before Christmas

Can an angel’s urgent warning, a quest for a second chance by Christmas Eve, and a sprinkle of Christmas Magic reignite the flames of love that once flickered for Nickie Wright?

As Nickie approaches her 50th Christmas in July, a sudden revelation, sparked by more than just the summer heat, sends her life into a tailspin. The achievements she once prided herself on—a home, a car—now feel hollow. Her vision board, a hopeful map for the future, seems like wasted effort. The job she thought would fulfill her leaves her wanting, and the proposal from Smith, a man she’s uncertain about, looms in the shadows. What should be a celebratory milestone becomes a plunge into despair. In a brush with the afterlife, her guardian angel delivers an ultimatum: ascend to heaven or return to Earth, finding her second act by Christmas Eve. Failure means a future devoid of anything brighter than her darkest days.

Embarking on her second act leads Nickie into the gravitational pull of Evan Goodman, a man who brings contentment, and Jordan Devlin, the first love who still ignites a passionate spark. Caught between the safety of contentment and the thrill of passion, Nickie must make a heart-wrenching choice. Time ticks away as she navigates the path from Christmas in July to Christmas Eve, desperately seeking her true calling, chasing her dreams, and discovering which romantic interest will help her blossom into the best version of herself.

“The Nick Before Christmas” is a spellbinding romantic comedy designed to rekindle the embers of purpose and faith. With indelible moments of self-discovery and passion, this enchanting narrative is the perfect holiday read to fill your heart with the warmth of Christmas love.

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Seconds before she opened her eyes, Nickie thanked God for another day (in general) and this special day (in particular). Gratefully, she viewed the sun’s rise over the horizon and bathed in its golden rays from her bedroom’s palatial window. The late-July blaze burned too hot for holiday snow, but the decorated, Douglass fir (the fake holdover from Christmas) had stood in the family room for seven months, signifying the hope for Christmas in July. She prayed by the end of her fiftieth birthday she’d have answers to the burning question in her life: should I say yes to Smith? Will I ever follow my calling?

Her mid-point of life milestone left her with high hopes, but a sobering reality—the vision board—greeted her when she rolled onto her side. Her calling, the creative pen, haunted her.