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From award-winning author K.L. Brady comes the first in a series of hilarious coming-of-age stories for young adults of all ages…
Liz Bennett has two things going for her — brains and basketball — neither of which is particularly popular with the boys. She’s a standout who has never fit in, and she’s comfortable with her place under the social radar–or so she says.
Secretly, Liz longs to meet “the one” who can see past her baggy jeans, high-top sneakers, and like her just as she is. So far luck hasn’t been in her favor.
Not even close.
But her fortune changes when a new family moves in the neighborhood, and Trent and Darcelle enter her life. One is the boy of her dreams–the other a nightmare.
When Liz thinks she’s got them both figured out, she falls for one.
But her crush clouds reason and common sense, and only the best worst date of her life will reveal whether either is truly “the one.” Once Liz opens her heart and finally learns to trust, will she discover the truth too late?
Sometimes the only way to see true love is with your heart…
If you enjoy this story, you will love Book 1 of K.L. Brady’s young adult series SOUL OF THE BAND.