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All About Me…

K. L. Brady is a D.C. native but spent a number of her formative years in the Ohio Valley. Her writing career started in the pages of diaries when she was 7 or 8 years old. But it wasn’t until her 40th birthday and an Oprah “Live Your Best Life” moment that she finally answered her calling and wrote her first novel–The Bum Magnet. The originally self-published novel was picked up by Simon & Schuster in a two-book deal, and K.L. hasn’t looked back since, penning the follow-up, Got a Right to Be Wrong and self-publishing the first books in two young adult series and a spy thriller series based on her 20+-year career in the U.S. Intelligence Community.
 She has a B.A. in Economics, an MBA, and is a member of the Maryland Writer’s Association, Romance Writers of America, Sisters In Crime, and International Thriller Writers. She’s addicted to writing and chocolate—not necessarily in that order—and currently lives in the Washington D.C. area with her son. She is hard at work on several projects, including the next installment of the series

8 Things You  Don’t Know About Me

1. I’m a total nerd girl. Love Star Trek (including Next Generation), Star Wars, etc., and the Big Bang Theory, especially Sheldon.
2. I used to play the tuba and baritone in the high school band (see number 1).
3. I was the first black drum major in my high school band and my mom was the first black majorette at the same high school in Ohio 20+ years before me.
4. I worked at the FBI for 12 years, and my jobs included providing support for mafia cases, stolen art cases, and tracking and catching foreign spies.
5. I was in USA Today and on 60 Minutes (for like 15 seconds) for my work on an art theft case and took a picture with Morley Safer (see number 4).
6. I worked at the Pentagon on the Joint Staff and my favorite boss/mentor was a key advisor to Gen. Petraeus.
7. I write spy novels under the pseudonym S.D. Skye
8. While one could never BUY my affections, they can certainly be RENTED for cherry cheesecake, chocolate (Godiva), carrot cake, lemon cake, Malvasia wine, and all manner of Italian food.