So, I’ve spent the better part of the last week getting ready for the book fair season which will run from now through late October/November. After taking a year hiatus to recover from a couple of surgeries and get myself back to some semblance of healthy, I’m revving up to full gear and getting myself reader-ready.
I feel like a dinosaur in that so much has changed in the 5 short years since I first starting writing novels and publishing books. Ebooks have kind of exploded. When I first released The Bum Magnet, people were just starting to embrace Kindles. Now the tablet market is nuts. And I’ve been slow to embrace technology. I think I’ve only had my iPhone for 2 years. Before that I owned a Nokia cellphone big enough to paddle a boat. And you couldn’t do anything on it except make phone calls and receive texts. I’m watching videos now. That’s nuts. But with everything going mobile now–as an author you either get with the program and “mobilize” your marketing or you get left behind in the dust.
I’ve decided this year to meet my readers where they are–on the phone.
So to that end, I’ve developed my very own app which will let readers stay in touch with me and reach out with the touch of an iPhone or Android. You can check it out with my new…duh duh duh duhhhhh! QR Code!
Right here! Go ahead scan it!
It will provide you access to all of my social networking right at your fingertips…including my Cheap Indie Author blog with great tips for indie publishers!
Even better, when my Apps are available on Android and iPhone (SOON!) you can be the first to find out when my¬† new books are coming, special contests with great prizes, and sneak previews! But that’s only for my apps peops. I’ll announce when they’re available.
Anybody besides me adjusting to this mobilized social media world?

K.L. Brady Award-winning author of the The Bum Magnet, Got a Right to Be Wrong, the spy thriller series featuring FBI agent J.J. McCall, young adult romantic comedies Soul of the Band and Worst Impressions!!