I’m up at the crack of dawn and ready to write but the words won’t come. Why? Because I’ve got too much junk in my brain from the 9 to 5. I’m one of those people who finds it hard to focus on the thing I really love (writing), when the thing that pays the bills is causing me stress. And it’s not anything inside my control. It’s totally out of my control. So why am I worried about what’s out of my control?
It’s the fatal flaw of a workaholic. I want everything finished NOW. I want everyone cooperative NOW. I want everyone working at MY PACE. And most importantly, I want to hurry up and finish this freakin’ assignment so that I can focus on what I really love.
Sometimes you get sick of life getting in the way. I so envy the people who get to write full time. Who don’t have these stresses pulling them away from the ONE thing they want to do more than anything.
I gonna say a quick prayer. And all you 9-to-5ers can say it with me.
Lord, our Father, thank you for bringing me this far. Please bless me so that I can pay these bills without needing this job. I want to give my all to this gift YOU gave me.
(We’ll see what he says…)