My newest novel, 12 Honeymoons: A Novel, came from a thought I had about finding your true purpose.
Some people are born knowing exactly who they want to be. From young ages the show some talent or predilection for something and they spend their lives fostering and honing their gifts to fulfill that purpose, which may involve making a boat load of money.
Some people don’t have a clue about who they want to be. Zero. They drift from the thing of the moment to the next thing of the moment searching for that o12 Honeymoons_Newne thing that will make them whole and eventually, through a process of elimination, some find their true callings (if they are lucky). Others don’t figure it out at all.
The people in my group, the third group, are born knowing is exactly what their callings are from a very young age, but they don’t trust it. They doubt their calling, they doubt their ability to achieve it. So they wander through life, from the thing of the moment to the next thing of the moment, trying to figure out what they’ve known all along.
That’s the story at the heart of 12 Honeymoons–the search for the true calling, wrapped in a story about finding true love. Who are we kidding? Both have very similar processes–just change “thing of the moment” to “boyfriend of the moment.” Sometimes we know “the one” at first sight. Other times, it’s a process of elimination. And yet other times, we know but we have to go through a process of elimination to figure out what we’ve known all long.
Miki, the main character, is so enamored with the beginnings of things (the honeymoon phase) that she never lets life go beyond the honeymoon period. So she can’t get past herself to find what it is (or who it is) that really makes her tick.
12 Honeymoons is mostly about Miki’s journey to figure it all out. But there’s other good stuff in there too.
Pam lies in the opposite end of the spectrum. She’s known from a very young age that her calling is to paint. But under the weight of adult responsibilities and a shaky marriage, her dreams of being an artist got buried–that is until she meets a man who helps release the inner artist bottled up within. The problem is he’s not her husband–and she’s going to have a lot of choices to make about how to keep her dream alive…and whether or not to save her marriage.
I hope the readers enjoy this new story as much as I enjoyed writing it.
The eBook is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon. $2.99
Here’s the synopsis! 
Miki Vincent’s entire life stalled because she’s addicted to the beginnings of things, especially relationships. She relishes in the emotional highs, first hugs, first kisses that new love brings. But sex always ruins it. That’s why abstaining during the first three months of a relationship—following the 90-day rule—was supposed to help land her down the aisle with Mr. Right. Miki finds out the hard way, Mr. Wrong can wait that long, especially if his ultimate prize is her inheritance.
One assault charge and depression later, Miki devises the Honeymoon Plan, guaranteeing her a lifetime of firsts and zero heartache. But following her own rule sends her life into an out of control spiral in which she’s sentenced to more than perpetual break-ups. A new pursuit and a string of sexy suitors offer her the opportunity to jumpstart her life and test her new strategy. The only problem? It just might work.
Miki’s best friend Pam, a repressed artist, struggles to keep her honeymoon alive but she can no longer ignore the blatant evidence staring her in the face: Her husband is having an affair. A different kind of “honeymoon plan” designed to free her from her troubles, and a chance meeting with a handsome artistic stranger, help reignite her passions. But will they destroy her marriage in the process?